March 26

From the Prologue

At first Basil lived in the forest without shelter or hearth. When he was captured, they questioned him saying," Who are you?" He replied, "One of the living on earth." They suspected him and thinking that he was a spy, tortured him. In the end, he lived for many years in freedom in Constantinople. He discerned all the human mysteries of man, perceived the future and worked great miracles. His maid was the elder woman Theodora who, when she died, appeared to Gregory, Basil's novice, and described to him the twenty levels of judgment [Mitarstvo] through which every soul must pass. On March 25, 944 A.D., St. Basil peacefully died and took up habitation in the wonderful heavenly family. After his death he was seen in great glory by a citizen of Constantinople.



Seven golden-headed of angelic rank,

Seven archangels, the highest spirits:

Michael, the sword for adversaries, is the first;

By the sword, he renders payment to those who wage war against God.

Gabriel, the herald of God's incarnation

And all wondrous recorder of human salvation.

Raphael, as a sun, is the servant of the Trinity;

Of vast human afflictions, he is the physician.

Uriel is the radiant light of God,

Of human souls, the enlightener.

Selathiel, the intercessor, prayers he presents,

And prayers of the people before God, he brings.

Jegudiel, glorifier of God the Almighty,

He, the willing man, to glory encourages,

Barachiel, dispenser of the blessing of heaven,

From God, he gives what men need.

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