March 22

From the Prologue

Euthymius was born in the village of Dimitsana in the Peloponnese. As a child, Euthymius lived as a Christian but, later on, he went to Romania where he gave himself over to a life of great debauchery. In this debauchery an evil spirit lead him to become a Muslim. As soon as he did that, Euthymius began to repent bitterly. He again returned to the Faith of Christ and was tonsured a monk in Athos, the Holy Mountain. After several years spent in strict fasting and prayer, he decided to die for Christ. With the blessing of his spiritual father, he traveled to Constantinople where he succeeded somehow to come before the Grand Vezir. Euthymius began to cross himself, to praise Christ and to insult Mohammed in the presence of the Vezir. After prolonged torture he was sentenced to death and beheaded on Palm Sunday, March 22, 1814 A.D. Many miraculous healings of the sick occurred over his relics. His honorable head is preserved in the Russian Monastery of St. Panteteimom [Pantaleon] in the Holy Mountain. And so, this twenty-year old youth, at first, died to Christ and after that died for Christ.



A wonderful Fisherman, O Christ the Lord, You are,

Throughout the entire world, the nets You spread,

For pure pearls You trawl from the waters deep,

Invisible net, by the Spirit woven,

Woven with love, moistened with tears,

By angelic hands, everywhere upheld.

Everyone to whom a mother gave birth and by the Spirit reared,

Most beautiful souls all, that the world can give.

All that into the numbers of Your rich catch entered,

All that Your silk net caught.

When nets from the sea of life, You raise

Nothing will remain except the muddy scum.

O, Fisherman, Most Wonderful, of pure pearls,

And we sinners, Your pearls, at one time were,

Now, from Your Throne, we are far away,

Under the sediment of dark passions, covered are we,

But, may Your net also us, to seize,

From Your countenance, we will shine as the stars.

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