March 16

From the Prologue

They were born in Syria and were brothers by birth. They openly and freely preached Christ and denounced the folly of the Hellenes [Greeks] and Romans. The enraged pagans decided to have them stoned to death, but when they began hurling stones upon these two holy brothers, the stones reverted and struck the assailants and the brothers remained unharmed. Afterward they were both crucified. From their crosses the brothers taught and encouraged those Christians who stood sorrowfully around. After much agony they presented their souls to the Lord to Whom they remained faithful to the end. They suffered honorably in the year 300 A.D., in the city of Bofor.



Two blood-brothers imbued by the Spirit,

Illumined and regenerated by faith,

These two brothers, on the Cross crucified,

Counseled the masses of right-believing people:

O, brethren, why upon us, from below, do you gaze?

Because of our difficult sufferings, do not, bitterly weep!

Christ our Savior, Doer of heroic deeds,

Because of such sufferings, the Redeemer, He became,

The Redeemer of the entire human race,

Listening to Him, we are being saved.

He obeyed the Father, and to the earth descended,

Suffered and resurrected, into Heaven ascended.

To Him we harken and sufferings endure,

Through sufferings, into His kingdom we walk.

Fear not brethren, neither fire nor sword,

The justice of Christ, than the entire world is stronger.

Fear not brethren, nor for yourself feel sorrow,

For eternal salvation, deny yourself.

All sufferings are small, trivial and bearable,

Compared to the rewards of Paradise, eternal and sublime.

The world, a false mask, is an insane illusion,

Eternity, that is our true homeland.

Give the world to those who love the lie of the world,

And because of lies, they forfeit life and truth,

You, seize the pearl above the mud of the world -

Harken, brethren, to Trophimus and Thallus!

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