March 14

From the Prologue

Theognostus was Metropolitan of Kiev. He was a Greek by origin and a successor to St. Peter of Kiev. He suffered much from the Mongol hordes, especially at the hands of Janibeg Khan. Theognostus was slandered by his own Russian people before the Mongolian emperor because he did not render the emperor any tribute for his episcopal rank. When the emperor summoned and questioned him concerning this, Theognostus replied: "Christ our God has redeemed this Church from paganism by His Precious Blood. For what and on what should I pay tribute to the pagans?" In the end he was released and returned home. He governed the Church for twenty-five years. He died to the Lord in the year 1353 A.D.



Benedict, a mighty-miracle-worker, was he,

A tearful devout person and a companion dear.

Led by the Spirit of God, by faith was correct,

A loving leader, mighty, resolute and humble.

Placid was his novice young;

Once, rising early, to the water Placid, he went,

At that moment holy father [Benedict] prayed to God,

But at once, his spirit perceived in the distance:

Behold, the brook suddenly rose, tumbling stones;

Placid already in death, tosses in the torrent,

The brook seized him and with him was toying,

The saint heard a scream, his own name he heard.

There, faith is necessary, but also pursuit,

Quickly, the Elder, Maurus the monk he sent.

Maurus, with a hurried leap, in the water jumped,

On the water as on a road, to Placid he rushed

And Maurus unaware, that on the water he was walking,

[The] prayers of the saint upheld him on the surface.

When Maurus and Placid to the elder came,

Kissed the elder's hand and Placid sobbed:

I saw you, O elder, above my head,

When my heart was overly-filled with dread

By the hairs you grabbed me and above the water lifted me

Until, in that moment, Maurus to my assistance came!

Through the prayers of Holy Father Benedict,

God, also proclaimed Maurus as a miracle-worker.

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