March 3

From the Prologue

Coming from a wealthy home in Alexandria, she had a good father who suffered much and came to an evil end, and an evil mother who lived well, died peacefully and was buried with honors. Perplexed as to whether she should live according to the example of her father or her mother, this maiden had a vision which revealed to her the conditions of her mother and her father in the other world. She saw her father in the Kingdom of God and her mother in darkness and in torment. This vision helped themaiden to decide that she would dedicate her whole life to God and, like her father, would adhere to the commandments of God, without considering all the adversities and the misfortunes which she would have to endure. She was faithful to the will of God to the end and, with the help of God, was made worthy of the Kingdom of Heaven where she was reunited with her God-loving father.



The mind composed and uplifted to God the Most High,

The heart enflamed with love toward Him,

Does not care about pains nor about the body, worry,

Over such as these, only the Lord rules.

The mind fixed on Christ, that is most important.

This, during his torments, Saint Eutropius recognized

And Cleonicus his brother and beloved Basilliscus,

All three in the fire as though in the morning dew, were.

A mind fixed on Christ, about tortures does not care,

If pain persists, so also does prayer persist,

About pain, it does not think, but prayer, it weaves;

He who fears God does not fear pain.

Two blood brothers raised on the Cross:

Their bodies convulse, but the spirit does not stir,

Both glorify God Who glorified them;

Such an honorable death, to them, He gave.

The garment of the flesh is rent and removed

And the spirit races toward heaven; the spirit, than the body, is stronger;

Receive O God, they cry out, our spirit in the heights,

To You be enteral glory, O Son of God!

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