June 24

From the Prologue

They were all brothers and Roman soldiers during the reign of Emperor Maximian. When the Romans were waging war against the Scythians beyond the Danube river, St. Orentius came forth to battle with Marathom, the Scythian Goliath, and slew him. Because of this, the entire Roman army offered sacrifices to the gods but Orentius, with his brothers, declared that they were Christians and could not offer sacrifices to the deaf and dumb idols. Regardless of their military merits, they were condemned to exile to the Caspian region however, along the way, all seven, one after the other, died from hunger and sufferings and took up habitation in the Kingdom of Christ.



By God's miracle, John entered the world,

As once did Sarah's and Abraham's Isaac,

By God's miracle, remained alive

From Herod's bloody knife.

The knife, the young child John missed,

But John's father, it did not miss;

By God's miracle, John in the desert

For thirty years, he sustained himself,

To the servant of God angels are shepherds,

To the poor angels are guardians!

John grew loveable lamb,

The Lamb of God to serve,

To proclaim the bright day, before the sun,

The Unknown, recognized and glorified.

Of the great prophets, the last

And of God's apostles, the beginning.

As Elijah, with God he speaks

And as an apostle, loves and rebukes,

Of the high priest, wondrous son,

Of the martyr of God, the first-born brother.

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