June 22

From the Prologue

Zeno was a Roman officer in the Arabian town of Philadelphia and Zenas was his servant. When the persecution of Christians began during the reign of Emperor Maximian, St. Zeno boldly appeared before Commander Maximus, confessed his faith in the One Living God and counseled Maximus that, he too, renounce lifeless idols and embrace the only True Faith. The commander became enraged and cast Zeno into prison. When the faithful Zenas visited his master in prison, he also was seized and arrested. Both of them were tortured for Christ and finally thrown into the fire that the pagans had doused with oil. Their souls were crowned with wreaths in the Kingdom of Christ and their bodily remains were interred in the Church of St. George at the place called Cyparisson.



The Church is never without shepherds,

Neither without suffering nor without heroes.

When the sharp sword flashes in a Goliath manner,

Resistance offered, the Shepherd of Samosata,

Eusebius and Meletius with him,

As two stars the third: Pelagius.

Zealots of Holy Orthodoxy,

Glorious saints of God's Church.

Suffering for Christians, there was at that time,

On both sides, bitter sufferings,

On one side, the wild heretics

On the other side, the insane emperors.

To preserve the soul, it was difficult

And the truth of God, to withstand,

Against lies and against violence,

Amidst the tares, very little sweet basil there was,

A little, a little immortelle and feather grass!

Three hierarchs three fragrant flowers:

Enough honey for all the poison of the world.

Eusebius as a zealot began

And his life as a martyr ended.

Eusebius, as a high priest,

God's chosen one, bless us!

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