June 20

From the Prologue

Studios was a prominent patrician and consul in Constantinople. He founded the church of St. John the Forerunner near the Golden Gates and a monastery named Studion after him. This monastery became famous for the many glorious men, spiritual fathers, ascetics and many who suffered for the Faith [martyrs], the most famous of which was St. Theodore the Studite. The Latin Crusaders destroyed this monastery in 1204 A.D. but Emperor Constantine Paleologue Porphyrogenitus rebuilt it in the year 1293 A.D. A Turkish mosque stands on that place today.



Leucius, Leucius, heart whitened.

In the Book of Life, of blessed name,

Memory of you in the heavens will eternally be

And on earth the Church will glorify you!

Such a voice, Leucius from the heavens heard

And a sweet-smelling peace, his voiced calmed.

Against Leucius the holy, the black devil arose

But Leucius against him [Devil], with the cross rose up,

Of demonic arrows, he was not wounded

But by the power of God, all the power of the devil he destroyed.

To the good shepherd, God gave him the power,

By that, preserved the flock in sinful Egypt.

And yet, he founded the Church in Brindisi

And instructed the people to protect the will of God

Many people he baptized and noblemen glorious,

And, with the torch of the Orthodox Faith, and enlightened all,

By his miracles, astonished the whole world,

And then to the Lord departed, the wreath of glory to receive.

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