June 19

From the Prologue

John lived a life of asceticism in the sixth century in the proximity of Jerusalem. Through his mortification, he achieved a high degree of purity and power so that even the wild beasts were submissive to him. John reposed in the Lord in extreme old age in the year 586 A.D.



Paisius the great, from the earliest age

Behind him, the doors of all desires, he closed.

The spirit to God lifted, to that, the only desire,

As all the great saints of old.

Wonderful Paisius, the monks asked:

Which virtue to God is more pleasing?

That which is hidden! to them, Paisius replied,

And that which is expressed, to God is not pleasing.

When Paisius, by his life, glorified God

To him, the Glorified Lord Christ appeared:

Peace be to you, chosen one, what do you wish, tell me,

According to your wish, it will be, ask and receive!

When from the Lord, these words he heard

Paisius gave himself over to weeping as a child.

O gentle Lord, a man of great sin am I,

And that which is made known, to God is not pleasing.

And because of my many sins; very inconsolable am I,

According to Your mercy, forgive me my sins

All that I have sinned O God from early youth,

And for future times, grant me strength

That from new sins, the yoke, I do not burden.

That to the end of my life, Your will I do

With greater love for You to burn.

The Lord, this prudent desire fulfilled for him

And to His saint, granted a blessing.

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