June 16

From the Prologue

Tigrius and Eutropius were among the clergy of St. John Chrysostom. When evil men banished Chrysostom from Constantinople, the cathedral church [Hagia Sophia] was set on fire and a flame rose from it and fell upon the houses of the persecutors of this beacon of the Church. The people saw the finger of God in that but the enemies of Chrysostom attributed this fire to his adherents. Many of those who were accused suffered bitterly because of that, among them Tigrius, the presbyter and Eutropius, the reader. Optatius, the mayor of the city, an unbaptized Greek with particular malice, began a pursuit for Chrysostom's followers. Tigrius, in his youth, was a slave of a wealthy man who castrated him. Freeing himself of slavery, he dedicated himself completely to the service of the Church and in this service shone as a shining ray. Optatius subjected this "meek, humble, charitable and hospitable" man to great tortures and then banished him into exile to Mesopotamia where he died in prison. Eutropius, chaste from birth, pure, blameless and kind was beaten by oxen whips and by canes and finally hanged. When Christians took his body to bury it, sweet angelic singing was heard in the air.



Chrysostom, as an all-glorious eagle soars,

Beside him Tigrius and Eutropius the reader

As small eaglets, but strong and faithful,

Followed him, kind and innocent;

And helpless malice, viciousness uses,

The weak and the evil, the devil unites quickly.

The malicious rose up against the servants of God.

And on them, poured out a sea of mockery.

As arsonists, the men of God,

The wonderful martyrs, under torture were placed;

But, every suffering is for heroes

And even suffering despises those who are weak in virtue!

Tigrius, the Presbyter and Eutropius, the Reader

By torture, the truth of God, they confirm.

As arsonists, the heroes of God

Slain they were, innocent lambs!

Eaglets, after the eagle, they flew

And in Paradise sweet, to rest they fell.

And malice from the mud, yelp after the eagles

In mud, was it born, and in the mud it remains.

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