June 15

From the Prologue

Augustine turned from paganism to Christianity, thanks to the counsels, tears and prayers of his mother Monica. He was a great teacher of the Church and an influential writer but with certain unapproved extremes in his teaching. As bishop of Hippo, he glorified the Lord for thirty-five years and lived a total of seventy-six years on earth (354-430 A.D.).



Vitus most beautiful, full of heavenly honey,

Before unbelievers, confesses Christ,

And mocks the lifeless idols

And the idolatrous darkened soothsayers.

Glorifies Christ, as the power of God,

To his father and to the judge, justice teaches,

But against him, both of them took up arms,

And for the young Vitus, torments prepared.

But God, His sufferers protects

And glorifies His glorifiers.

Vitus, in the face of the emperor, needed

To witness to the Lord Christ,

And in Rome, to suffer publicly,

That his name would be more glorified.

Little Vitus, the angels held,

Little Vitus, the angels led,

And his soul, the angels bore

Into Paradise took it and to God presented it.

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