June 12

From the Prologue

Bassian and Jonah were monks of the Solovetz Monastery. They drowned and were washed ashore in the year 1651 A.D. Over their graves a sign appeared and because of that a church was built. Later on, Petrominsk Monastery was established there. Once when Emperor Peter the Great was saved from a tempest, he remained there for three days and made a cross and implanted it on the shore.



Saint Peter in the awesome wilderness,

Of all earthly riches, deprived

And the rich illusions of the devil,

Through tearful prayers, overcame all,

The heart he harnessed and to God raised it,

The mind he straightened and to heaven uplifted it,

Immobile as a rock among the cliffs,

Wearied by hunger and all-night vigils,

Directed himself toward every good

As bodiless in an earthly body.

On Mt. Athos, half a century

In prayer speaks only with God,

From age he turned as white as snow,

Neither man he saw, neither wanted he to.

To him, God revealed the window of heaven,

Countless miracles, Peter saw,

The Mother of God, God's angels.

And the all-wonderful saints of God.

To him the Lord an angel sent,

To him, gave Holy Communion from heaven,

Until, a spiritual giant Peter of himself created

As a certain city on a high mountain.

To be a teacher throughout the ages,

To the holy monks, a wonderful example.

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