June 10

From the Prologue

Both Alexander and Antonina were from Alexandria. Antonina was an honorable virgin and Alexander an imperial soldier. They were both Christians. Antonina was first brought to trial and tortured. When they cast her into prison, Alexander, by the command of an angel of God, went to the prison (even though until now he did not know Antonina), covered her with his military mantel and said to her to lower her head and to pass through the guards before the gates. And so the virgin escaped and the soldier Alexander remained in prison. Then they brought Alexander before the judge and began to torture him for the Name of Christ. Hearing about this Antonina herself appeared before the judge who then subjected both of them to various tortures. He severed their hands, flogged their naked bodies, burned their wounds with candles and, finally, threw them into a fire which was started in a pit and covered them with dirt. They suffered honorably for the sake of the love of Christ and took up habitation in the mansions of the Heavenly King on May 3, 313 A.D. Festus, the evil judge, at the moment of the death of the martyrs, became dumb and an evil spirit seized and tormented him for seven days and killed him.

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