June 8

From the Prologue

St. Zosimus was bom in the village of Synda in the proximity of the town of Tyre. There he lived a life of asceticism in his monastery. Not having any cloud on his conscience, with his spirit he discerned things at a distance and knew what was happening in the world. Thus, he discerned and saw the destruction of Antioch by an earthquake and, weeping bitterly, prostrated himself on the ground and prayed to God that this city. not be completely destroyed. Once it happened that a lion on the road killed and ate his donkey. The saint commanded the lion to serve him in place 'of the donkey and to carry his load. The lion showed himself meek as a lamb before the saint and accepted the load and bore it to the gate of Caesarea where Zosimus released and freed him. Saint Zosimus died peacefully in the sixth century.

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