June 7

From the Prologue

Daniel was the abbot of the famous Egyptian Scete. He was a disciple of St. Arsenius and a teacher of many. Many of his words and teachings are as guiding stars for monks. Once, when the barbarians attacked the Scete, the brethren called him to flee together with them. He answered them: "If God does not care about me, what is the purpose of living?" Daniel also said: "Insomuch as your body becomes obese, in the same manner your soul becomes emaciated." He lived a communal life of asceticism for forty years and after that withdrew to the wilderness in the year 420 A.D. He happened to be in Alexandria when a wicked father-in-law killed his daughter-in-law, St. Thomais (April 13), because of her chastity and Daniel, with his disciple, buried this martyr.



O sinner, cast out despair,

And to God, offer repentance,

Despair to the devil, rejoicing.

Behold, Marcellinus, a hierarch was,

And to torture, they led him

He, before the emperor, betrayed the Lord,

But to despair, himself did not give,

But the terrible sin openly confessed

And by his blood gloriously washed it away.

O sinner, do not despondent become

And as a serpent, sins do not conceal,

Sin concealed, serpent in the bosom!

The heart of furtive sinners, it eats.

Peter sinned and quickly cast away sin.

That is how true sinners do,

When an apostle and pope sinned

And were forgiven by God,

How then for you, can there not be forgiveness,

Only repent, but without being late.

Bitter death can make you late

And from God, separate you forever.

Quickly, quickly, cast out despair,

And quickly offer repentance!

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