June 5

From the Prologue

Peter was born in the village of Korishe beyond the monastery of St. Mark near Prizren. (According to another legend, he was from a village near Pec). As a young man, he plowed with a one-eyed ox. Peter was exceptionally meek and mild tempered. He withdrew at an early age to lead a life of asceticism, as did his sister Helen. He mortified himself very strictly and persistently. In difficult combat with demonic temptations, Peter proved himself victorious. He was a teacher to the many monks who gathered around him. Fleeing from the glory of men, he hid himself for a period of time by the Black river where, later on, St. Joanicius of Devich lived a life of asceticism. Peter died in old age in his cave at Korishe. The night in which he died a light from many candles was seen in his cave and angelic singing was heard. This saint probably lived in the thirteenth century. Over his miracle-working relics Tsar Dusan built a church, which was a dependency (metoch) of Hilendar. In more recent times the remains of the relics of St. Peter were secretly translated to the Black river where they repose today.

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