June 5

From the Prologue

In the days of Blessed Prince Igor when there was great litigation and confusion among the Russian princes, there was also disorder in the Church and frequent changes on the thrones of the hierarchs. Thus, after the death of Metropolitan Michael of Kiev, Prince Izyaslav brought the famous and learned monk Klim as metropolitan not seeking the blessing of the patriarch of Constantinople, contrary to the age-old tradition. Thus, the patriarch sent Metropolitan Constantine to investigate the matter. Constantine removed Klim and banished all those clerics from the Church that he had ordained. Because of this the people were divided; some adhered to Klim and others adhered to Constantine. Then, according to the wishes of the Russian princes, the patriarch sent a third, Theodore, and both Klim and Constantine were removed. When Constantine died in the year 1159 A.D. they opened his will and in it he requested that he not be buried but that his body be thrown in the field to be consumed by dogs because he considered himself the culprit responsible for the confusion in the Church. Not daring to disobey his testament, nevertheless, with great horror men took the body of the metropolitan and tossed it into the field where it lay for three days. For three days it thundered terribly over Kiev, lightening flashed all around, thunder struck and the earth quaked. Eight men perished from the thunder. Three fiery pillars appeared over Constantine's lifeless body. Seeing all of this, the prince of Kiev ordered that the body of Constantine be taken and honorably buried in the church where the tomb of Igor was located. Immediately following, a calm ensued in nature. Thus God justified His humble servant.



Anoub, in just three dark nights,

Then, to God you will go for reckoning;

Relate to us a useful word!

Three elders asked him, the three together.

Anoub, to the elders replied:

To persecution, I was exposed

For the honorable Cross and for the True Faith,

To the Lord I wanted to offer my head,

But from that, the Lord turned me

To me the martyr's wreath, He did not want to give.

Never, the earthly seek from God

With every good, the Lord has eased me,

Radiant angels, to me appeared,

To me, they brought heavenly food.

Whatever I asked of God, I received,

Many mysteries I saw and comprehended,

I saw the heavens and the faces of angels,

Apostles, saints, martyrs,

Holy and joyful, heavenly faces.

And Paradise wonderful, wonderful and sweet.

I saw Hades and the torments of sinners,

And all the dark satanic hosts.

A lie from my lips, I never uttered,

All earthly delights, I renounced,

The face of Christ, for me, shines greater than the sun

Forgive me elders, Anoub the sinner!

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