June 4

From the Prologue

Following the Ascension of the Lord, Lazarus set out to preach the Gospel. His two sisters assisted him in this. It is not known where they died.



Hospitality, a virtue which by God is commanded,

Until now, by it, many souls were drawn to Paradise.

Abraham the Wonderful showed infinite hospitality,

Immeasurable and cordial and not hypocritical.

And King David greatly respected hospitality,

That is why, the life of King Saul, he strictly guarded.

And when the Ancient One [Christ] appeared, older than the aged Abraham,

From the Lineage of David, when darkness hid,

Then, Martha and Mary, sisters of Lazarus,

Showed hospitality these hospitable virgins:

Hosted the Greatest One since the sun flows,

With Hospitality, each one of them heavenly paradise attained.

With hospitality, perfect in heart and food,

Hospitality most worthy in word and in deed.

And the Lord Most-rich, abundantly repaid,

And, this hospitable home, when death saddened

Jesus, the deceased brother to the sisters, resurrected,

And, to them, eternal glory spread throughout the entire world.

This is the reward of hospitality from God Himself,

The Lord loves the Hospitality of a sincere heart.

Holy Church boasts of Martha and Mary,

Teaching that we are also guests at the table of the Lord.

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