June 1

From the Prologue

Agapitus was a doctor who practiced medicine by using natural remedies. He was a disciple of St. Anthony of the Caves. He cured people through prayer and by giving them vegetables from which he prepared bread for himself. In this manner he cured Prince Vladimir Monomachus for which Agapitus became known throughout. Being envious of this the prince's physician, an Armenian, began to slander Agapitus. When Agapitus became ill, the Armenian came to him and looking at him said that he [Agapitus] would die within three days and that if he [Agapitus] did not die, he [the Armenian physician] would become a monk. Agapitus said that it had been revealed to him by the Lord that he would not die within three days but within three months. And so it happened. After the death of Agapitus, the Armenian came to the Abbot of the Caves and begged him to tonsure him a monk for, he said, Agapitus appeared to him from the other world and reminded him of his promise. Thus, the once envious one became a humble monk by the Providence of God Who wishes that all men be saved. St. Agapitus died about the year 1095 A.D.



Whoever belongs to Christ, that one dies for Christ,

Saint Justin, defender of the truth,

Recognized the power of Christ and expressed it,

Fearlessly turned around the entire empire

Defending the righteous; the heathens admonishing,

To the entire world, with truth shining.

He was from the city of the unbaptized where once ten lepers,

To Christ the Savior, bitterly cried out

By His word, they were healed,

And now, Justin, the leprosy of falsehood

By the power of Christ's Faith, alleviated,

As a father, he protected Christians,

The foolishness of paganism he unmasked,

To the emperors, he speaks the truth -

He was a light until the candle burned down,

Until the evil ones, his body took,

His soul to Paradise, the angels raised

That in heaven, it shines like the sun

To whom his Apologia shines,

Glorifying the name of the immortal Justin

Teaching the world, what is the truth.

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