July 31

From the Prologue

John was a distinguished Bulgarian priest and theologian during the time of Emperor Simeon (892-896 A.D.). He translated the "Six Days" by Basil and the "Exposition of the Orthodox Faith" by John Damascene into Slavonic. He died peacefully in the Lord.



Joseph a noble and rich man,

Of Christ the Crucified, (he) did not scandalize,

But when the sun darkened and the earth shook,

He to Pilate went and brought him news

That the Lord died, the Life-giving Lord,

The secret disciple thus became public.

When the public one hid, the secret became public,

Thus Joseph the wise, in a day became famous.

And together with Nicodemus, the body of Christ

In his garden in a new tomb placed it.

The Jewish spies heard, reported it,

The righteous Joseph in chains they placed.

In the darkened dungeon, Joseph languished

While his Lord in Hades glowed.

Joseph pondered his remembrance of Christ,

Mentioning his miraculous works,

Miracles and words and prophecies many,

Before Him, he stood in the presence of God,

And now darkness everywhere from without and within,

Dark days, nights, evenings and mornings

After a glowing flash, than the sun, more radiant,

O desperate darkness, darker than Hades!

But behold suddenly in the dungeon dawned:

The Resurrected One appeared to the shackled servant.

O Joseph brave and noble

Neither of the Resurrected One did you scandalize.

About the dead Christ, you to Pilate informed

And recognized and glorified the Resurrected One.

Let the land of Britain honorably glorify you,

You, for her, planted the first seed of salvation.

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