July 26

From the Prologue

He was at the court of the young Russian Prince Boris. When the godless Svyatopolk murdered Boris, Moses escaped and fled to Kiev. A little later he was taken to Poland as a slave by the Polish King Boleslav and there was sold for a thousand gold coins to a young and depraved widow, the wife of one of Boleslav's commanders who was slain. This wicked woman tempted Moses to commit adultery but Moses would not be tempted for he vowed to live chastely before the Lord. She then suggested marriage to him but he rejected that also. Moses secretly received the monastic tonsure from an Athonite monk and he appeared before the lady in the monastic habit. She bound him, ordered that he be flogged and to have his private organ severed. This unsuccessful seduction by this shameful woman lasted for five years - five years of pain and torture! However, King Boleslav was slain unexpectedly in an uprising during which this woman was also killed. Then Moses was free to go to Kiev where, at the monastery of St. Anthony, he devoted his life to prayer and silence. Completely conquering the shameful vice in himself, Moses assisted many to also be saved from it. His holy relics helped many (St. John, the much suffering July 8). After ten years of silence in the Monastery of the Caves, St. Moses found rest on July 26, 1043 A.D. and took up habitation in the eternal virginal Kingdom of Christ.



Purity before God, Moses vowed,

Free in the spirit, inspite of being shackled,

Replied to the rich and loathsome woman,

Shackled by passion, slave to debauchery:

What man until now, listening to a woman

Saved his soul conquered by passions?

Because of a woman, Adam had been expelled from Paradise

Because of Delilah, Samson was destroyed without splendor,

Solomon the all-wise, by a woman was seduced,

To idolatrous stupidity was lowered

Herod's head, by a woman was charmed,

The honorable head of the Forerunner John, beheaded.

God's servant I am O woman, leave me alone,

And for yourself, seek a companion throughout the world.

To your will, I will not submit,

With you in a bond, I see no happiness.

To be pure in body, this is a necessity O woman,

Before the Lord, that is my holy obligation.

Neither flattery, nor gold, nor your authority all

Neither mind nor body will lead me astray.

The Lord is Almighty, help me, He will

That my vows I will be able to honorably keep:

God is the God of purity, pure He created us

He wants us to be pure and, as pure, He saves us,

To a Christian O woman, purity is glory.

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