July 25

From the Prologue

This Council was convened in Constantinople during the reign of Emperor Justinian the Great in the year 553 A.D. All the heresies of the Monophysites were condemned at this Council as well as the heretical writings of Theodore of Mopsuestia, Theodoret of Cyrus and Origen (his teaching against the resurrection of the dead).



Eupraxia, the young virgin,

For the sake of Christ, a hermitess became,

And boastful was of royal birth

But God-bearing was her soul.

All honors, as a burden she rejected,

And her royal lineage and riches.

Before God she prayed day and night,

By fasting and all-night vigils, herself exhausted.

To His servant, God harkened,

Tearful virgin Eupraxia,

Who many tears shed

And with tears inflamed prayers,

Upon her did God bestow wondrous gifts,

Both the young and the old to help,

Wicked demons to drive away,

Of every infirmity, heals the sick.

Before God, with a pure soul she came,

And for herself, in heaven found a home,

Built of faith and deeds,

And by much patience purchased.

With God Himself, that home glows,

Here, St. Eupraxia took up abode

To enjoy amidst eternal good

And to reign with the immortal Christ.

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