July 19

From the Prologue

Dius was born of Christian parents in Antioch, Syria. From his youth, he was taught by godly-inspired men in the monastic life and in asceticism. Since he persevered in a lengthy and laborious battle with the devil and passions of the flesh, God endowed Dius with the great gift of working miracles. In his prayers he, most often, turned to the Holy Trinity. He performed great and awesome miracles through the power of his prayers: he caused a withered staff to blossom, a dry well to be replenished with water and an unbelieving man he struck dead and then resurrected him again. After two brief heavenly visions, Dius departed from Antioch and settled in Constantinople where, in the proximity of the city, he continued his life of asceticism. His fame spread rapidly and even Emperor Theodosius the Younger visited him to receive counsel from him and Patriarch Atticus persuaded and ordained him a presbyter. Having lived for many years, Dius began to prepare for death, received Holy Communion, instructed the brethren, lay down on his bed and died before the eyes of all. The news of his death drew many people; even Patriarch Atticus came with Alexander, the Patriarch of Antioch. When they were about to bury him, he suddenly arose as though awakening from sleep and said: "God has given me fifteen more years of this life." St. Dius lived for exactly fifteen years and led many to the path of salvation, healed many, helped many in various misfortunes and needs and finally gave up his soul to the Lord, Whom he faithfully served all his life. He died in the year 430 A.D. in extreme old age.

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