July 9

From the Prologue

Even though they bear the same names, they are different then those mentioned above. At first, Patermuthius was the leader of a band of robbers but after a miraculous vision converted to the True Faith and was tonsured a monk. Namely, he had climbed upon the roof of the home of a godly woman in order to enter the house and pillage it. However, sleep overcame him and, in a dream, he saw someone who warned him not to commit evil and to repent. Not only was Patermuthius baptized but he was also tonsured a monk. Both Patermuthius and Copres were great miracle-workers. By the grace of God, they healed people from all pain and affliction, guided sinners on the true path and discerned the future. A sinner, laying on his deathbed, implored Patermuthius that his life be prolonged in order that he may repent. Following the prayer, the saint said to him that God had prolonged his life for three years. The sinner repented and he died exactly three years later. Patermuthius and Copres rested in the Lord toward the end of the fourth century at a very old age.

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