July 7

From the Prologue

Astius, the only son of his parents, was persuaded to love the Faith of Christ by Epitectus the priest who baptized him and tonsured him a monk. After that they moved from somewhere in the eastern regions of Scythia and settled in the Scythian town of Almirida (now Ramzina) on the mouth of the Danube on the Black Sea. They were tortured and beheaded for the Faith of Christ about 290 A.D. After their deaths, they both appeared in great radiance to the parents of St. Astius, Alexander and Marcellina, who were converted to Christ and who were baptized by Bishop Evangelus who himself, then was beheaded for Christ: "Evangelus, another angel" as is sung about him.



The only child, Saint Dominica,

Her parents, for the Faith died

Parents; God's saints.

The orphan, Saint Dominica,

What she possessed, to the poor she gave,

Only body and garment remained

And that, she sacrificed for Christ,

Dominica, as the dew, pure,

To be bribed by anything, did not allow,

To be lured by anyone, did not allow

Neither to be frightened by anything did allow.

But to suffering as to a wedding goes

Severe sufferings and deep wounds,

But sweet is the Name of Jesus!

Bitter pains, harsh humiliations,

But sweet is eternal reigning!

Her entire body, with red blood,

But the joy of Paradise is sweet!

O Dominica, God's chosen one,

And for Christ, wonderful martyr,

With a sword from the earth you were driven,

Wedded in glory, in heaven you were

Teach us the Faith to honor,

Encourage us, our life to give for her [the Faith],

By your prayers, help us

Wonderful candle, amidst the candles of Paradise.

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