January 11

From the Prologue

Blessed Michael was a Russian of a princely family. He made himself appear foolish so as to conceal his virtues from the world and to avoid the praise of men. Thus, he prepared himself for praise before God. He died in the year 1453 A.D. in the Klops Monastery near Novgorod where his relics repose.



Those who with fear stand before God,

Those who fear the Living God only,

Only they can witness

That the righteous one receives that for which he prays to God.

By true prayer, God does for people -

The dawn glows to the one who turns to the dawn.

Saint Theodosius, by his prayers

Helped many and also helped us.

For he lives even now as he once did

And works miracles, as he once did and does now -

The Lord bestowed upon him power, because of his faith,

And love for God; love immeasurable.

Wonderful Theodosius, zealot of truth,

Wondrous organizer of the monastic life,

Let him be praised by us, who is glorified by God,

Now a glorious citizen of the Kingdom of Christ

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