January 4

From the Prologue

Eustathius was born in the district of Budim of God-fearing parents. As a young man he was tonsured a monk in Zeta; then he entered a higher form of asceticism in the Monastery Hilendar [Mt. Athos]. In time, Eustathius became the abbot of Hilendar. As abbot, he was elected Bishop of Zeta and after a certain period of time was elected Archbishop of the Serbs. Eustathius was a man of great charity who governed Christ's flock with zeal and love. He died peacefully in the year 1279 A.D. In his old age he cried out before his death: "Into Your hands, O Lord I give my soul." His relics are interred under the flooring in the Church at the Patriarchate of Pec.

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