February 28

From the Prologue

.Nicholas lived as a "fool for Christ" in the town of Pskov during the reign of Tsar Ivan the Terrible and died on February 28, 1576 A.D.



Two natures, the Lord united,

That He does not separate them anymore:

Human and Divine,

That He does not separate them anymore:

God and Man - One Person

In both respects; undiminished

The God-Man and Savior,

That which is separated - the Unifier,

Interpreter of the eternal mysteries,

Founder of the kingdom of the saints,

To man, God came closer,

Time uplifted, eternity descended

Of the Holy Trinity, Christ the trumpet

Of the Two Natures, Christ the mystery:

The true God became man,

Remained up and descends down,

Neither did He fall or stumble,

But in flesh wrapped Himself.

That is holy, pure love,

Love eternal, eternally the same:

A giant He raised, with His small finger,

And incomprehensible to the mind, it is.

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