February 26

From the Prologue

This saint was born in Galata in Constantinople. By occupation he was an architect, a builder [Kalpha: builder in Greek]. Because of his ardent confession of the Christian Faith, John offended the Turks and they began to pressure him to become a Muslim. "I will not deny my Sweet Jesus Christ," John bravely replied. "In Him I believe; Him I serve; Him, I confess." Following grave tortures, the Turks beheaded him on February 26, 1575 A.D. in Constantinople. He suffered honorably for his beloved Christ and took up habitation in the mansions of the Lord.



The monk Mark asks Porphyrius:

You were paralytic, holy father,

On your knees, to church you crawled,

My hand in yours, you held

Yesterday thus and today otherwise!

At night you were ill, behold healthy you dawned

So suddenly, who healed you?

Of the rare physician, tell me the name-

To Mark, Porphyrius replied:

My Healer, my Creator is,

Last night on Golgotha, I fell asleep

By severe pain, completely overpowered,

As though in person, I saw clearly in a dream

On the Cross, my Lord hanging,

And on the other cross, the thief.

As I saw, so I cried out!

O God and Lord, remember me,

In Your kingdom, remember me!

The Good Lord, to the thief said:

Go down and his body heal,

As your soul, I healed.

Quickly the thief, the cross descended,

Embraced me, kissed me, and raised me up:

Saying: To our Savior, draw near!

At that moment, the Lord also descended the Cross,

Lifted the Cross and, on me He placed it.

Receive the holy wood, He said,

And for the sake of eternal salvation, carry it.

As soon as I, with my hands, grabbed the Cross,

Immediately stood and was immediately made whole.

To God my Creator, glory be,

To Christ my Savior, glory be!

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