February 22

From the Prologue

Papius was a disciple of the holy apostles and a patristic author. From Papius we have testimony of the Gospels of St. Matthew, St. Mark, the four Marys and the brothers of our Lord as well as an incomplete but preserved manuscript: "An Interpretation of the Words of our Lord."



Of noble root - of noble vine

The young Photinus; to God a sacrifice, beautiful and well-pleasing.

The father witness as they beheaded his son,

As streams of red blood poured out

Maurice, the father courageous; his heart overcome,

Neither screamed he, nor sorrowed nor a tear shed.

To me dear God, you gave him, he said:

O Good One, for all of your love what better could I give?

Of death, make me worthy as You did Photinus,

You Who, for us, sacrificed Your only Son!

Maurice, of the heavenly kingdom, glorious soldier,

Does not receive a gift from earthly rulers,

But, his company, legion of pride, he encourages;

Before the soul-less idols not to bend,

His company into death he leads and through death to life,

To express this rare beauty, the tongue is too weak.

On our flesh, let the wasps and hornets feed,

Nevertheless, we are not defeated; we are not, O soldiers.

Our blood, let the mosquitoes suck; let them be fed,

On that other side, O my brothers, we shall soon be,

Where all of those reign who fought for the Cross,

We did not betray You! To Christ the God, we shall say.

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