February 17

From the Prologue

Miriam was the sister of the Holy Apostle Philip. She traveled with her brother and together with him preached the Gospel in Hierapolis and in other places. Following the martyr's death of Philip, Miriam continued her missionary work in Lycaonia where she died.



"Do not be afraid of the world for I have overcome the world." (*)

These are holy words both then and now.

For all who suffer, that is the true balm,

Mostly for the glorious martyrs of God.

Why should you, of the more fearful ones, be afraid?

Of its own shadow, the world is afraid!

The powerful and the ruling ones, why fear?

And of dying things, constantly dying?

Who is with the Householder is not afraid of the house,

The Householder sees everything that is in the house,

And nothing there is, that He would not know,

And His servant, what should he be afraid of?

And yet when he hears the Lord as He says:

"Do not be afraid of the world!" What more do you desire?

"Do not be afraid of the world for I have overcome the world!"

Our Lord reigns and rules over the world.

At the fire and death, Theodore smiled,

For that, wreaths he received, that never fades.

(*) St. John 16:33

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