February 15

From the Prologue

In the beginning Eusebius lived an asectical life under the direction of holy men and later he withdrew and became a recluse. He fed entirely on plant life. He did not even taste fruit. He spent all of his time in prayer in the open spaces enduring all conditions of weather. He lived to be ninety-five years of age and died peacefully in the year 440 A.D.



The all glorious Onesimus, as a slave his life began,

And ended as an apostle of Christ and martyr.

For his name, the lawless Tertylus asked him?

My name is Christian, my surname Onesimus.

A freeman or someone's slave are you?

A slave of Philemon I was and a slave of Christ the God I am.

For what price did Philemon sell you [to Christ]?

His blood for me, the Lord Christ gave.

Tell me; the idols of the State, you do honor?

Gods I do not see but only statues

Various animals; all dead statues;

I see an ox and to the ox sacrifices offering

Thus the ram to rams, birds to owls -

Living animals to the dead beasts,

More alive to the more dead; stronger to the weaker.

No, to such gods I do not bow down!

But to the Living Lord, my Master

And Creator; mine and yours O Tertylus.

The man of God, Tertylus mocked.

That by the sword, ordered that he be beheaded!

Master over the body, his head severed,

But neither the soul nor the glory did they cut off.

The glorious name Onesimus remained -

That heaven and earth, of him, be praised.

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