February 8

From the Prologue

Sava was the son of King Steven (Stefan) the First-crowned and nephew of Saint Sava I. Before tonsuring, Sava was called Predislav. Following the example of his great uncle [St. Sava] Predislav was tonsured a monk and zealously dedicated himself to a life of asceticism. He was chosen Archbishop of the Serbs, succeeding St. Arsenius under the name of Sava II. He governed the Church with great devotion and love. Sava II died in the year 1268 A.D. His relics repose in the Monastery at Pec.



Predislav stared,

The young Predislav wept,

The Queen Mother asked him,

Where does your gaze roam?

At what are you looking, Predislav?

At Saint Sava, the face of my uncle.

King Stefan, to his son, said:

To marry you off my sweet son,

Time flows and, I am aging,

Whom do you love? Tell me the name!

And Predislav, to his father, listens

And about a wife, does not want to hear.

Predislav fashions himself as a monk

With the words of Christ, he is satisfied

And, Sava the Second, he was called,

Shedding tears and then speaks:

Saint Sava, place me

On the true Evangelical path!

The King and Queen died

And also Patriarch Arsenius,

The Church remained a widow

From honors, Sava hides

Upon him descended dual honors:

He was a bishop and also a saint.

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