February 7

From the Prologue

They all suffered from Christ during the reign of Emperor Diocletian.



The city of Nicomedia, as a star, shines,

As Venus, the star; the eastern throne.

But, one day, by the will of Duclianus,

Four courtiers were beheaded,

Eusebius, Vasa, Eutychius, Courageous

And wonderful Basilides, by glory unfaded,

For the Name of Christ, were beheaded

And by this, Nicomedia was darkened.

Those four heads, the end of the horror were not

But only the first blossoms of the mown grass:

A thousand slaves; servants, obedient ones,

The four martyrs, that faithfully served,

A thousand as one and, three more,

Created a clamor, as though they drank wine.

No, not wine did they drink, but the truth intoxicated them,

And the Blood and the victory of the Son of God.

O emperor ungodly; we, also, are Christians,

We also are Christians, do whatever you will!

And to go there, we desire

Where our Blessed Master went

O wonderful daring! O wonderful fidelity!

But, the emperor's cruelty, this did not abate,

And a thousand souls departed the earth,

To them opened wide the Gates of Paradise.

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