February 5

From the Prologue

Theodula suffered for Christ during the reign of the nefarious Roman Emperor Diocletian. During her torture, Theodula brought one of her torturers, Heladius, to his senses and converted him to the Faith of Christ. When Heladius openly confessed his faith in Christ, he was beheaded. Theodula held up very courageously at her trial at which time the judge referred to her as being "deranged." To that Theodula responded: "You, who have forgotten the One True God and bow down before lifeless stones, are deranged." The judge then subjected Theodula to cruel tortures, which she heroically endured and, by her heroism during this torturing, she astonished many and converted them to Christ. Among those were two distinguished citizens: Macarius and Evgarius. With these two and many others, Theodula was thrown into a fiery furnace where they all honorably died and were made worthy of the kingdom of Christ.

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