February 5

From the Prologue

Because of his great mind, religious zeal and eloquence, Polyeuctus was called "a second Chrysostom." During the time that Patriarch Polyeuctus governed the Church and Emperor Constantine Porphryogenitus ruled the empire, the Russian Princess Olga traveled to Constantinople and was baptized in the year 957 A.D. The patriarch baptized her and the emperor was her godfather. Prophetically, St. Polyeuctus said to her: "Blessed are you among Russian women, for you have loved light and cast off darkness; the sons of Russia will bless you to the last generation." From among the simple monks, Polyeuctus was elevated as patriarch in the year 946 A.D., and remained on the patriarchal throne until his death in 970 A.D.



Dark is the dungeon; radiant is the martyr,

In the darkness, Saint Agatha glows,

Over the courtyard of the dungeon, drenched with light,

There the tormentor lives, covered with shame,

Thinking up new tortures for the virgin Agatha,

Torments himself and contemplates, darkened in the midst of light,

Who is wedded to Christ, the dungeon is bright,

The palace, a place of despair, to the enemy of justice!


Dark is the dungeon; radiant is the martyr,

St. Theodula, as soon as she heard of Christ,

After Christ she followed, a pure dove.

Because of Christ, the mob pressed her into darkness,

But joyfully, Theodula stands,

Joyfully stands, not fearing anyone.

While her enemies, with malice filled,

Wretched despair in the midst of the enchanting palace,

Only of evil, think; only of malice, serve

Everything for them is empty and about everything, they complain,

For they do not possess God, for they know not Christ,

All the mysteries of life, erroneously they read!

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