February 2

From the Prologue

Jordan, born in Trebizond, was a coppersmith by trade. Because he openly defended his faith in Christ and unmasked the faith of Islam, Jordan suffered at the hands of the Turks in 1650 A.D. at Galata in Constantinople. The monk Gabriel, a Canonarch of the Great Church in Constantinople [St. Sophia], suffered in the same manner in the year 1672 A.D.



When winter encounters spring,

The aged Simeon was of good fortune:

He encountered the long-awaited One,

Who, by the prophets, was foretold,

Him, the mine of all heavenly riches -

As naked, he [Simeon] the young child saw,

And in this manner, Simeon prophesied:

The evening has descended upon my life;

This One, lay down to conquer many

Or to raise many. Thus the spirit speaks -

The Prophecy of old was fulfilled:

Jesus became the measure and the standard,

The source of happiness, peace and joy,

But also the target of disputes and maliciousness.

One He uplifts, the other He overturns

And Paradise and Hades He opens to men.

Let everyone choose whatever their hearts speak,

In Paradise with Christ! Our heart desires.

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