April 27

From the Prologue

John was the Abbott of the Cathar Monastery. This monastery was established near Nicaea during the reign of Justin in the sixth century. Because of his veneration of icons and his defense for the veneration of icons, John suffered much at the hands of the Emperors Leo and Theophilus and died in exile around the year 832 A.D.



Simeon, glistening with youth and strength,

When he, the good Teacher approached

Saw not a relative, known to him according to the flesh

But, the unknown God in bodily form;

And the entire world became dark to him from this great light,

When he came to himself, with the world He parted

And as a powerful eagle in lofty flight

Toward heaven and the heavenly world, he raises his spirit.

He, through Christ, recognized the goodness of God,

And immortal life and immortal beauty

Yet through Christ, True Man he recognized,

That is why he scorns glory and the honor of this age;

As a honey bee, he devoted himself to labor,

Not grieving over youth, not grieving over the body,

But, to the end to fulfill the law of Christ

And to become worthy of Paradise divine.

And crucified on the Cross, the elder centenarian,

Did not feel the deadly sting,

For with the spirit, long ago he resurrected,

Now waits with the body to resurrect gloriously.

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