April 23

From the Prologue

This neo-martyr Lazarus was a Bulgarian by birth from Gabrovo. As a young man he left the place of his birth and went to Anatolia. Lazarus tended sheep in the village of Soma. As a Christian, Lazarus provoked the wrath of the Turks against himself and was cast into prison by a certain Aga. After prolonged tortures from inhuman tormentors, which Lazarus heroically endured out of love for Christ, this young martyr was killed on April 23, 1802, in his twenty-eighth year. The Lord received him into His eternal courts and glorified him in heaven and on earth. Countless miracles have occurred over the relics of St. Lazarus.



Saint George on a tall horse

Saved the maiden from the dragon,

On his lance, the sign of the Cross,

Holy weapon, invincible,

With that weapon, the dragon he slayed,

The spared maiden, to the father he returned,

With his goodness, he indebted God Himself

With a wreath of glory, God repaid him.

Saint George with a hero's heart,

All wealth, he distributed to the poor,

Rejected the honor and glory of the world

For the sake of the Name of Christ, the Victor,

Sufferings he embraced; sufferings willingly,

His body crushed for the salvation of the soul,

With his goodness, he indebted God Himself,

With a wreath of glory, God repaid him.

George, the Saint and Victor-bearer

Even now walks with the cross on his lance,

Justice he defends, injustice he punishes,

Whoever invokes him with faith and tears,

Whoever prays to him with a repenting soul,

George, the Saint flies to his aid.

With his goodness, he indebted God Himself,

With a wreath of glory, God repaid him

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