April 20

From the Prologue

Athanasius was born in 1310 A.D. He lived the ascetical life on Athos, the Holy Mountain. He founded the famous Meteora Monastery in Thessaly. He possessed the great "gift of discernment" and miracle-working.

(*) Philaret mentions Gabriel the Child in his Lives of the Saints, which a certain Jew, Schutko, lured to an isolated place and there crucified him. Gabriel was born in the village Zvjerka near the town of Zabludov. He was only six years old. His parents, Peter and Anastasia Gavdjev, were absent from home that day. After thirty years, Gabriel's body was discovered incorrupt. He suffered in the year 1684 A.D.



Anastasius, the God-bearing father,

Upon himself assumed prayerful labor and fasting,

Mortification he maintained, long and persistent,

Until, with the spirit, he learned the mysteries.

Then, his honey-mouth he opened:

Christ is, says he, the rock of salvation.

Do not insanely say: He was a long time ago,

Where is He now in order to speak to me?

The Good News, his Covenant Holy,

Who is able to resist it?

It speaks to you in place of Christ Himself,

That is His All-Pure Mouth!

Again, you speak: I desire to see Him!

Look with your whole mind and heart

At Holy Communion, from wine and bread,

There, in the flesh is He; what else do you need?

Repent, O brother, repent of your sins,

A thousand deaths around you stand!

To your spiritual father, your sins confess,

After that, drink His Blood and eat His Body.

Only repent. If you begin with repentance

You will live with justice and shining hope.

Repent, O brother, repent of your sins,

A thousand deaths, around you stand!

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