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After the Great Canon service. 5th Wednesday of Great Lent 2009.

2009-04-02 ns (3/20) 5th Thursday of Great Lent.

The pleasure of little things, fasting, rutabagas, olive oil

3rd Friday of Pascha. "Your fathers did eat manna in the wilderness, and are dead"

Why do we pray facing East? Why does the priest not face the people when he prays?

The Stones raised up as children to Abraham. Christian worship is Jewish!

An Eclectic Commentary on the Book of Job. How should we read "difficult" books? Praying for our children with the Jesus prayer

Prayer for the Prosperity of the Russian Church. Pastoral Zeal. Liturgical Renovationism. A three sided coin.

What is "all truth"? How do we find it? Campus Crusade for Christ. Dogma is moral. Monasticism.

Lovest Thou Me? Meekness. Patience. Learning things the hard (and only) way. Saturday before Pentecost Soul Saturday. 2009.

Pentecost Icon Explanation. King Cosmos. Day of the Holy Spirit

Romans 1:18-27. Two sins that lead to all others. It's always about you. Idolatry. Sexual immorality. The delusion of the age. We must have courage.

Freely ye have received, freely give. A fundamental principal of priestly Laborers. 3rd Monday after Pentecost.

To the Jew first, and also to the Gentile. Freely you have received, freely give. Hunters for humility. Matthew 10:5-7

Moments of Clarity. Many feelings. The importance of evening services. The easy way to be an Evangelist. We need quantity in order to obtain quality.

Future plans. Building Permit. Parish prayer helps everybody. It is always about 07/06 2009. 5th Monday after Pentecost.

Cut to the chase. The Angel of the Lord. What is a Vespers "Parable"? Comments 2009. Nativity of John the Baptist.

Parish news - building progress. Pledge letter. Two things I ask my flock to do. of that true about myself stuff. 07/01 - 07/14 2009 6th Tuesday after Pentecost

The Importance of Monasticism Poverty, obedience, chastity, stability. We obey Women's Monastery 7/7 - 7-20 2009 7th Monday after Pentecost

REALLY believing in the resurrection. Good manners. Dogma is not just facts. Pentecost

Repentance, it's not just for Lent anymore. A church that forgets its monastic 07/27 2009 8th Monday after Pentecost

Information regarding the Establishment of English Speaking Convent in the Mid-American Diocese

Information regarding the Establishment of English Speaking Convent in the Mid-American Diocese

Daily Readings. Guidelines for reading, with freedom for departures. Who are we intelligence. 1 Corinthians 15:33

What happened on the Cross? Dispassion. Tue Vespers, Tone 8, Lord I have Cried, Sticheron 1


20th Week After Pentecost Thursday

Martyrs Adrian and Natalias, Pouring the slab

A unified Russian Church is a great Spiritual Force - Interview with Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia

Nativity of the Theotokos. Grace beginneth to produce splendid fruit. The all-holy mountain.

Prayer of Intercession - A Prayer in Accord. Father Arseny, a Cloud of Witnesses

Venerable Theodora. True Repentance. False Accusation. A sinner helping other sinners not to sin. Sep 11/24

The Church is shown to be a many-lighted heaven. Happy anniversary to us. Construction progress - the walls are almost done. Sep 13/26 2009

The Raising of Lazarus Church, Muromansky Monastery, The Model for our new temple

Classic Chrysostom. How to read St John Chrysostom. Psychology and Theology. Refuting all our excuses for sins.

Raising the Dead. Influencing the belief of the dead. St John Chrysostom, Homily 3 on Ephesians. A useful perspective for the pastor, and anyone who cares.

Everything MUST have meaning! Sickness. Drug Addiction. Priorities.

Iconostasis Design Meeting, at building site of St Nicholas, Sep 29/ Oct 12 2009

Christian Love is not the same as the World's love. Love without knowledge and judgment is not love. The Dogma of Love. Philippians 1:8-14

Christian Life Skills - Being on time

Parable of the ten Virgins. The Oil is the Holy Spirit. The proper dogma regarding works

What is a Christian? What is a Saint? The Orthodox Dogma of sanctity, by St Justin Popovich

Christian Life Skills. The Four Bows. Give the first fruits of your day to the Lord

Construction Photos - The walls are almost done. Photos taken before our Thursday Evening Moleben. Oct 1 2009 ns.

Construction photos - Building of the Apse

A house upon a rock. Words to build by. Luke 6:46-7:1. Children's Liturgy

I count all things but loss - The knowledge of Christ Jesus - That I may win Christ - Philippians 3:8 - Biblical Exegesis - It is always about You!

20th Week After Pentecost Thursday


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