“Forty Days for Life”

McKinney Texas, February 22 - April 1, 7am – 7pm


Planned Parenthood 1720 W Eldorado Pky, Ste 106, McKinney, TX 75069


A nationwide prayer vigil to end legal abortion and heal all those involved in abortion.


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Orthodox Christians will gather to be the only guaranteed prayer support on the following days and times.


Mar 6, Tue, 7am-7 pm

Mar 17, Sat 7am - 3pm


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A Public Calendar has been set up. You may use it to look at staffing for the two “Orthodox days”.


1.     Please go: http://tinyurl.com/orthodox40dayscal

2.     You will see a full month calendar displaying. Set the Display to “Week” or “Day” using the link at the top right, and the arrows at the top left to display Mar 6 or Mar 17

3.     You can come at any time, but if you can, please look for blocks where there are less than 2 people signed up. 

4.     Note the times you want to sign up for and send email/call/text Fr Seraphim.  Please include your email, which not be published, but will used to correspond with you and confirm the times you are signed up for.


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Perhaps you wonder "what in the world will I do there for a whole hour"? It is quite simple to pray the Jesus prayer quietly or silently. The "Akathist for a woman who has had an abortion", and the Supplicatory canon to the Theotokos will be available. The Lenten hours, with a litany for the unborn and those who are wounded by abortion inserted will be prayed at appropriate intervals.


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Planned Parenthood is Located in the business strip at the northeast corner of Medical Center Dr. and Eldorado Pkwy.  Please do NOT park or enter the property (business strip) where Planned Parenthood is located. You may park at the Steak and Shake across the street. Stay on the public sidewalk. 






Contact:         Priest Seraphim Holland, St Nicholas Orthodox Church, McKinney TX

Fr Seraphim will be onsite all day.

Email: seraphim@orthodox.net

Phone/text: 972-658-5433