Gleanings from Orthodox Christian Authors and the Holy Fathers


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An Athonite father said: "The one who loves God, loves not only men, his brothers, but loves as well all of nature since it is God's blessing. Someone will rush to get a piece of the clothes or of something else that belonged to a saint, and kiss it devoutly, because he knows he receives from it the saint's blessing. It's the same with nature's trees, grasses, flowers -- everything is God's blessing. We embrace all of it with the same rush of love, especially those fruits that nourish us. The Desert Fathers

"Still we honor the relics of the martyrs, that we may adore Him whose martyrs they are. WE HONOR the servants that their honor may be reflected upon their Lord who Himself says: "he that receiveth you receiveth me"." St. Jerome, Epistle 109:1, NPNF II, 6:212

"We carry about these clean and holy bones, O king, because we attest in due form our love of those marvelous men to whom they belong: and because we would bring ourselves to remember their wrestlings and lovely conversation, to rouse up ourselves to the like zeal; and because we would catch some vision of the rest and felicity wherein they now live, and thus, as we call them blessed, and provoke one another to emulate them, strive to follow their footsteps: because, moreover, we find thereby that the thought of death, which is right profitable, lends wings of zeal to our religious exercises; and lastly, because we derive sanctification from their touch." St. John Damascene, The Precious Pearl: The Lives of Sts. Barlaam and Joseph, p. 248

God left us the relics of the Saints wishing to guide us in the same zeal they had. REF:Saint John Chrysostom

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