Commentary and Background

What is Ecumenism, by Fr John Moses
An excellent "in a nutshell" explanation

True Orthodoxy

by +ARCHBISHOP AVERKY of Syracuse and Holy Trinity Monastery


Archbishop Averky of Syracuse


Archbishop Avery of Syracuse

Against Ecumenism

Zealous thoughts of an Orthodox Teenager, from &Children of the Church"

The "stepping stone" - the Papal Calendar

The Appearance of the Cross Near Athens in 1925
A sign from God that some cannot see

The Calendar change and Unity

Thoughts from a convert priest on the change of the Julian calendar to the Gregorian and the Unity of the church

The Sigillion of the Council in Constantinople in 1583

Anathematizing false beliefs about the Dogma of the Procession of the Holy Spirit, Holy Communion, unleavened bread, the judgment, Purgatory, the heretical Pope, the Paschalia, and the New Calendar Innovation.

The Second Sigillion (1756) against the Papal Calendar (New Calendar) - by Kirill, Archbishop of Constantinople

The Old/New Calendar Question - Official Pronouncements Timeline

Open letters of censure - so far, completely unheeded!

Other Documents

Free Masonry

The Latins (Roman Catholics)

The Monophysites and/or Non-Chalcedonian Churches

The Non-Chaceldonians

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