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Russian Orthodox Church
Dallas, Texas
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Priest Seraphim Holland
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Reposed Hierarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia

In Alphabetical order, separated by Rank

This is a work in progress, for the next few weeks. Corrections are welcomed.

Date of Repose (Church/Civil)
First Hierarchs
Anthony, Metropolitan of Kiev & Galicia 28 July/10 Aug 1936
Anastasius, Metropolitan 8/21 May 1965
Philaret, Metropolitan of Eastern America & New York 8/21 Nov 1985
Innocent, Metropolitan of Peking & China  
Methodius, Metropolitan of Harbin & Manchuria 1932
Panteleimon, Metropolitan of Minsk & Byeorussia 17/30 Dec 1950
Abercius, Archbishop of Syracuse & Trinity 31 Mar /13 Apr 1976
Alexander, Archbishop of Berlin & Germany 29 Aug/11 Sep 1976
Ambrose, ret. Archbishop of Pittsburgh & Western Pennsylvania 26 Nov / 9 Dec 1975
Andrew, Archbishop of Rockland 29 Jun / 12 July 1978
Anthony, Archbishop of Geneva & Western Europe 25 Aug 7 / Sep 1993
Anthony, Archbishop of Los Angeles & Southern California 18/31 July 1996
Apollinarius, Archbishop of North America 6/19 Jun 1933
Athanasius, Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Argentina & Paraguay 21 Oct/3 Nov 1983
Benedict, Archbishop of Berlin & Germany 21 Aug/3 Sep 1950
Damian, Archbishop of Tsarytsin 1936
Demetrius, ret. Archbishop of ?Philadelphia & Eastern Pennsylvania ?1970
Eusebius, Archbishop of Narva & Izborsk July 1929
Gabriel, Archbishop of Chelyabinsk & Troitsa 1933
Gregory, Archbishop of Chicago & Cleveland 13/26 Oct1957
Hieronymus, Archbishop of Detroit & Flint 1/14 May 1957
Joasaph, Archbishop of Argentina & Paraguay 13/26 Nov 1955
Leontius, Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Argentina, Chile & Paraguay 19 Jun / 2 July 1971
Nathaniel, Archbishop of Vienna & Austria 27 Oct/ 8 Nov 1986
Nicodemus, Archbishop of Richmond & Great Britain 4/17 Oct1976
Nicon, Archbishop of Washington & Florida 22 Aug / 4 Sep 1976
Paul, ret. Archbishop of Sydney, Australia & New Zealand 2/15 Feb 1995
Philotheus, Archbishop of Berlin & Germany 11/24 Sep 1986
Sabbas, Archbishop of Sydney, Australia & New Zealand 4/17 Apr 1976
Saint John, Archbishop of Western America & San Francisco 19 Jun / 2 July 1966
Seraphim, Archbishop of Chicago, Detroit & the Midwest 12/25 July 1987
Seraphim, ret. Archbishop of Caracas & Venezuela 31 Aug / 13 Sep 1996
Sergius, Archbishop of Chernomorsk & Novorossisk 1935
Simon, Archbishop of Peking & China 11/24 Feb 1933
Stephen, Archbishop of Vienna & Austria 12/25 Jan 1965
Theodore, Archbishop of Sydney, Australia & New Zealand 23 Apr / 6 May 1955
Theodosius, Archbishop of Sao Paolo & Brazil 194313 / 29 Feb 1968
Theodosius, Archbishop of Sydney, Australia & New Zealand 31 July /13 Aug 1980
Theophanes, Archbishop of Kursk  
Theophanes, ret. Archbishop of Poltava 6/19 1940
Tikhon, Archbishop of Western America & San Francisco 17/30 Mar 1963
Tikhon, ret. Archbishop of Berlin & Germany 11/24 Feb 1945
Vitalis, Archbishop of Eastern America & Jersey City 8/21 Mar 1960
Agapetus, Bishop of Goiana (Brazil)  27 Aug / 9 Sep 1966
Anthony, Bishop of Alaska & the Aleutians  1934
Basil, Bishop of Vienna & Austria  10/ 23 Oct1945
Constantine, ret. Bishop of Boston  18/ 31 May 1996
Elias, Bishop of Salma in Urmia  Dec 1928
Eulogius, Bishop of Caracas & Venezuela  1951
Gregory, ret. Bishop of Washington & Florida Sept. 24 /Oct. 7 1995.
Innocent, Bishop of Buenos Aires, Argentina & Paraguay  10 / 23 Dec 1987
John, Bishop of Buenos Aires, Argentina & Paraguay  Feb 25 / Mar 10 1995
John, Bishop of Sitka & Alaska  1946
John, ret. Bishop of Salma & Urmia  1962
Leontius, Bishop of Geneva  6 / 19 Aug 1956
Michael, Bishop of Alexandrovsk  9 Sep 1925?
Michael, Bishop of Cheboksar  1925
Nectarius, Bishop of Seattle  4/26 Jan 1983
Nicander, Bishop of Sao Paolo & Brazil  2/19 Dec 1987
Nicholas, Bishop of London  1931
Sabbas, ret. Bishop of Edmonton  17/30 Jan 1973
Saint Jonah, Bishop of Tiantsin  7/ 20 Oct 1925
Courtesy of: Reader Isaac Lambertson
Peter Fekula pfekula@APLNY.A-P-L.COM
Priest John Shaw
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St Nicholas 
Russian Orthodox Church
Dallas, Texas
Phone: 972 529-2754
Pastor: Priest Seraphim Holland

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Fr. Seraphim Holland
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