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Bethany Orthodox School

PO Box 20607
Jerusalem 91191
Contact: Sr. Maria (Stephanopoulos)
Tel: 972-2-279-9797(Off); 972-2-279-0316 (sisters)
FAX: 972-2-279-8840
Full-time education for Arab girls from kindergarten to 9th grade level. All lessons given in Arabic, with English & Russian taught as well. School follows the curriculum of Palestine. Boarding facilities and instruction in Orthodoxy for Christian girls.

Holy Trinity Orthodox Seminary

PO Box 36
Jordanville, NY 13361-0036
Contact: Fr. Luke; Fr. Vladimir
Tel: 315/858-0945
FAX: 315/858-0945
Rector: Abp. Laurus; Acting Dean: Fr. Luke; Secretary: Fr. Vladimir; Registrar: Fr. Theophylact; Inspector: Fr. Peter. B. Th. degree offered. Catalog available upon request. Office hours 8-12 Mon.-Fri.

Holy Virgin Protection Church School

38 S Mill St
Nyack, NY 10960-3744
Contact: Fr. George Larin
Tel: 845/353-1155
FAX: 845/353-4341
12-year course of studies in Russian, incl. Russian language, Bible study, Russian history, Russian literature. Bible studies in English. During school year (Sept-May) Saturdays 9-1.

Holy Virgin Protection School

5432 Fernwood Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90027-5603
Contact: Bishop Alexander
Tel: 213/466-4845
10 year course in Orthdox & Russian related studies.

Russian Diocesan School of St. Sergius

San Lorenzo 155
Villa Ballester
Buenos Aires 1653
Contact: Fr. Vladimiro Schlenew
Tel: (5411) 4768-5476
FAX: (5411) 4768-5476
Saturday school in Russian language, Orthodox religion, Russian culture and history, for students from kindergarten to approx. 18 yrs. of age.

SS Cyril & Methodius High School

6200 Geary Blvd
San Francisco, CA 94121-1822
Contact: Bishop Kyrill, headmaster
Tel: 415/752-5122
Classes Tues. & Thurs. 4:10-6:00 PM; Sat. 9:00AM-1:30PM.

St. Alexander Nevsky School

200 Alexander Ave
Howell, NJ 07731-8684
Contact: Fr. Valery Lukianov; Fr. Serge Lukianov
Tel: 732/370-1881 (Sat); 732/961-1917 (Wkdys)
FAX: 732/961-1916
Religion, Russian language & literature, Russian history, Church Slavonic, Church singing, special English class. For all ages K-12.

St. John of San Francisco Orthodox Academy

6210 Geary Blvd
San Francisco, CA 94121-1822
Contact: Bishop Kyril; Fr. Serge Kotar
Tel: 415/221-3484
FAX: 415/386-4368
Co-ed day school,full curriculum grades K-12, centered around Orthodox calendar and life. The goal of the school is to direct its pupils toward an active church life, to develop their Christian consciousness, to maintain healthy and obedient relationships with their parents, relatives and teachers, and to strive for excellence in intellectual pursuits.

Information for this directory is from a printed directory,published annually by and available from
The Saint John of Kronstadt Press.

The printed Directory includes as well an alphabetical index (by Christian name) of clergy of the Church, with pertinent information concerning addresses, phone numbers, and their namedays (as well as for their families, where pertinent and available).

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