Daniel’s List: Daniel’s Memorial Foundation


https://www.orthodox.net//daniel/daniel-bandana-03.jpg+DANIEL[i] reposed on the Sunday of All Saints, June 11, 2017 (ns), while trying to swim across the Spree river near the Ebertbrücke, 10117 Berlin. He was on a college trip, studying abroad.

Daniel had time, and cared for anyone who crossed his path. He was always very kind, and was always able and willing to give his full attention to anyone, in any conversation or encounter. These rare virtues, mentioned by everyone who knew Daniel well, is the main reason for this foundation and our prayer list, also called “Daniel’s List” If you are a Christian, ‘kindness” starts with empathy and understanding of the human condition and God’s great mercy to us all, and will always include alms and prayer for others, known/unknown, friendly/hostile, believing/unbelieving.

Daniel was very generous in life. We would like to keep his legacy going after his death. A memorial account has been set up in his honor.

This account, Daniel's List/Daniel’s Memorial Foundation - will be used exclusively to help others in need and to donate to worthy causes, just as Daniel would have done if he were still with us. He was well known by all of us to ALWAYS give to a street beggar or musician, and he would always engage them in conversation. He also was very generous with his substance, his housing, everything. If you feel inclined to contribute financially, please consider making a donation to this account in Daniel's honor. 

Contributions can be made at any Independent Bank branch (this is a local, Texas bank). Cash or check may be deposited into the account using the account number: 1000872380. Please make checks payable to Marina Holland (when we get our Tax Id, this will change). 

If someone is unable to go into a branch location, contributions can be made using ACH, wire transfer or PayPal using the routing number: 111916326 and/or email address for PayPal: DanielHollandMemorial@yahoo.com.

Elizabeth Moore (elizabethmoore424@yahoo.com) is the “point man” for questions. She is the fiancé of my other son, Timothy, and also loved Daniel. She also works at Independent Bank.

My family and I pledge that every penny given to Daniel’s Memorial Foundation will be given as alms. We are exploring setting up the foundation as a charitable tax-free organization, and getting a Tax Id. We are also considering income possibilities, such as making coffins. My son Tim made Daniel’s coffin, and it is the best example of craftsmanship I have ever seen.

Priest Seraphim Holland


[i] +Daniel’s extended family at the time of his death is Parents: Priest Seraphim & Marina (Holland), sister Genevieve & Deacon Nicholas (Park), with nieces & nephew, sister Christina & Tim (McFadden) with nieces & nephew, brother Timothy & Elizabeth (Holland) with niece, sister Natalie and Matthias (King). He wrote a note to his family almost 2 years before he died, to be opened in case of emergency. He loved all of us very much. If you desire to pray for use as well as +Daniel, we would be grateful, but +Daniel is the first priority.