Woman - Salvation of Man, or His Perdition?
Priest Andrew Phillips

How strange it is that often I go out into the streets and I never see a woman. Men I see. I also see pseudo-men, but not a single true woman.

Why is it that so many woman and girls today simply wish to be imitations of men? Why is it that the modern woman has adopted everything that is bad in men, from their jobs to their clothes? Why is it that woman, dressed as men, with men's hairstyles, think that they are attractive to men? All such women can attract are the base desires of the scoundrel.

I do not know what I feel more strongly when I see modern woman - is it astonishment or pity? Worst of all is the "career-woman", a term which describes one who has abandoned womanhood for pseudo-manhood. She has betrayed everything that is noble and beautiful in the woman's soul -she has rejected herself. Their faces are harassed, tired before their time, faces whence all womanly beauty has long since fled away and has had to be replaced with artificial "beauty", make-up. Why follow the ugliness of men's clothing styles? Trousers, called in Greek "frankopantaloni", the pantaloons of the Franks, the enemies of Orthodoxy, are a recent innovation of the Industrial Revolution. Indeed most men in the world still wear the traditional dress or robe, be it in Asia, Africa, Scotland, Greece or among Orthodox clergy. Why does modern woman have to follow the foolishness of modern man? When Adam and Eve fell, Adam's punishment (the result of his sin) was to have to work for a living. And now modern woman thirsts for ths punishment. Why take on the extra - is not giving birth in pain enough? Is not being man's "helpmeet" enough?

In rejecting her traditional role of Christian wife and mother, woman has lost all her power over man. In previous times (and still today in some places, thank Heaven) the house, or rather the home, was a kingdom where woman reigned. Her husband was just that - bound to the house - and duly handed over his wages to his wife at the end of the week for the housekeeping, which the wife was in charge of. O woman, what have you lost! The Christian wife and mother, following nearly two millennia of tradition, free from the bondage of woman's servile position in the heathen world (many examples of this servility can be seen in Hindu, Muslim and the neo-pagan society of today), brought up Christian children. She influenced her husband in all things and the world was balanced by man and woman together. She inspired her husband to acts of noble self-sacrifice, made him to surpass his egoism in the name of greater entity of family or even nation, she tamed his wild passions, in a word, she civilized him and brought him to salvation.

And modern woman? An imitation of what is worst in modern man, she has lost her matriarchal authority in the family, punished herself by working outside the family home, encouraged weak men to divorce - having rejected her inner self, she fights against her own wifely and maternal soul and instinct, which lie buried beneath the idiotic conditioning which men have imposed on her in recent times simply because they wanted cheap labour in the factories they had invented. And that slavery was then disguised under the name of "equality". And that is how, dear friends, woman lost her superiority to man, the proof of this is that the greatest 'man' on the Kingdom of Heaven is the Mother of God.

And modern man? Without the guidance of his helpmeet, without a true mother for their children, without the bright and inspiring example of womanhood before him, without her perspicacious intuitions to direct him through the web of male reasoning, he has lost his way. The words husband and wife are no longer used, they have become so despiritualized that they now talk about "partners", the word used for animals. All that is left is meaningless, empty, irrelevant animal brutishness.

Where is love? Where are the smiles and laughter of happy children? Where is society? Where is the world?

O woman, come back to your senses, come back to your self, and in so doing you may save man from the horror into which he has plunged the world, you may yet save man, who depends on you for good sense and intuitive judgement, and thus save the world.