"The ... founders, benefactors, and the brotherhood of this holy temple ... may the Lord God remember in His kingdom, always, now and ever, and unto the ages of ages." From the Divine Liturgy



We are in the midst of building a small, but expandable temple in McKinney, Texas. We are a small, close-knit and friendly parish, which has grown slowly over the years. We are trying to take the next step, and move away from our temporary rented location which we have been in for 15 years.


We have always had the means to pay all our bills; we have never been in danger of not being able to honor our obligations. We planned carefully, and after acquiring land about two years ago, I talked to my flock honestly about our means and the need for additional income. My flock has responded well, but we are at the point where we need some help from others. We are at a critical, exhilarating and dangerous point in our history.


We have had a protracted approval process of over 10 months, but have finally received approval from the city (July 2009), after agreeing to several expensive additional requirements, and we are currently in construction!  These "additional requirements" mean, with a conservative estimate, that we will exhaust our entire building fund (we had hoped to have a small cash buffer to help us through lean times after we build) and will need at least $28,000 more cash. This figure does not include any improvements we wish to make to the temple, such as an iconostasis and icons (we do have local Orthodox artists who are our friends who will do this, and they will be helpful with their fees, but they need to also make a living).


We are therefore reaching out to anyone who may have good will towards our parish. We are small, but many people know us, from our travels, and also our web page, which is much bigger than we are!


We wish to raise, if it be God’s will, $40,000 by asking 400 benefactors to give us alms of $100 each.


This amount will insure we will have enough to satisfy all city requirements to get an occupancy permit (these days, you don’t just build a building – you must do landscaping, irrigation. parking, and a lot of other expensive things that we had hope to delay for at least a year).  It will also give us funds for an iconostasis, perhaps a couple of main icons and a small buffer.


We want to give our benefactors something back for their alms. Like the Apostle Peter, “Gold and silver have (we) none”, but we offer you our perpetual prayer.


We have a permanent parish document which is a “Benefactors diptych”, that is, a list of all benefactors names and their immediate families, whether they be Orthodox or not, living or reposed. This document will be perpetually passed from rector to rector, and these benefactors and their loved ones will be prayed in our parish forever. We are already using this document to commemorate in the liturgy all Orthodox, and pray each Sunday for non Orthodox. We will establish a yearly “Benefactors day”, in which we will serve the Divine Liturgy and have a Moleben and Panikhida, as appropriate, for all benefactors.


Please become a benefactor, and send us the names ands religion of your immediate family.


We are poor, and are in a poor diocese. Over the course of our history, we have seen many small donations, but no incredibly large ones. Many times temples have been built because of the extraordinary largess of one or possibly two persons, but our history makes us believe that perhaps God’s way for us is a more humble path.  This is probably a better way, because it has caused us to trust in God, and not become complacent.


We are asking for a hundred dollars or more if you are so moved. You will have our gratitude and our parish’s perpetual prayer, hopefully long after all of us have passed on to the next life.


You may see news about our building progress at

https://www.orthodox.net//aboutus/building-fund.html  and a chronology of our building project here: https://www.orthodox.net//aboutus/building-chronology.html 


We have a very active website, and blog. Most of our new entries are posted to our email list, and some of these will include local news and updates on our progress. Please join our email list if you wish to stay in touch and/or participate in our occasional discussions:




If you know of anyone else who has good will towards our parish, please let us know of our fund raising initiative, or send us their email or postal address, and we will contact them.


Postal address: PO Box 37, McKinney TX 75070


Email: Priest Seraphim Holland – seraphim@orthodox.net


May God bless you and help you in all things.