Is it customary to serve memorial services during Lent (other than the memorial Saturdays), or do they begin again only after Radonitsa?

There is nothing in the Typicon that prohibits the serving of memorial services during Great Lent (up to Great Wednesday evening).

The Typicon specifically mentions the serving of the usual Litia for the dead at the end of daily Matins and Vespers during Lent. The Litia for the dead is not served after the Presanctified Liturgy, and likewise the usual Friday evening Pannichida is not served after the Presanctified Liturgy (the appropriate canon for the dead prescribed for that Pannichida is appointed to be read instead at Great Compline on Friday evening).

In a note at the end of the rubrics for Great Thursday Matins, the Typicon specifically states that the Litia for the dead is not to be served until Thomas Sunday (actually the first such Litia is served after Matins on Monday of Thomas Week since the Litia for the dead is never served after Vespers on Sunday evening). Also the last use of the kontakion "With the saints..." occurs at the end of the Typica on Great Wednesday; after that it does not occur again until the Midnight Office on Monday of Thomas Week.

Thus, memorial services should not be served from Great Wednesday evening through Thomas Sunday evening; but they may be served at other times both before and after that period.

Daniel Olson

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